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Counterparties check

Get information from various sources such as the Federal Tax Service, bank registers, including the register of bank fraud payers, information from law enforcement agencies, as well as information received from the business community, we can make a conclusion about the integrity of your potential contractor. In case of need , can check out our personal employee object , be it a factory, plant or otherwise. You get a written report , photos and answers to questions. We put much value upon our reputation and guarantee the objectivity of the information that we provided.

What do you get?

    You get a attested report about the organization or individual entrepreneurs that contains the following information:
  1. Date of incorporation. The date can tell you about how long has this organization. The newly established company shall cause increased alertness regarding verification of the company.
  2. Legal address of company registration - address on which many other companies should raise suspicion of bad faith counterparties.
  3. Name of Individual executive body - the head of the registration data and extract the registry. Make sure that the signature on the contract or account belongs to that person, if the contract is signed by a person acting under power of attorney - to ensure the legitimacy of the power of attorney.
  4. Balance sheet of the organization, the company should not operate at a loss or to exist at the expense of borrowed funds, and also to see economic activities of registering profile.
  5. Business activity denomination must conform to offer you a product or service that provides you the counterparty.
  6. History of changes in the company. Frequent or recent change of address, and Director speaks about possible problems in the company.
  7. Information about litigation involving the company being audited. From Federal and Commercial Court. At present and in the past.
  8. Reviews of the counterpart in the press.
  9. Recognition Level of the contractor in business circles.
  10. Conclusion about degree of reliability of the counterparty.
  11. The complex of these measures will identify unfair Counterparty and to avoid financial losses, as well as to show due diligence.