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Headquartered in Rostov:
tel. +7 903 401 7187 Additional operator: tel. +7 913 535 5977
Our Location:
Russia, South Federal District,
Rostov-on-Don, Zhuravleva 155.

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Welcome to the “Solid” consulting company!

The company ‘Solid’ is one of the first consulting rooms fulfils interests of foreign companies and persons concerned in the marketing, law and direct investments. Operational experience of skilled professionals and their close cooperation with administration are considered as the advantages of the company ‘Solid’. Our main company office is in Rostov-on-Don , the largest center in the South of the Russian Federation.

Rostov-on-Don is one of the largest commercial and industrial centers of our country. Due to its favorable geographical position, Rostov-on-Don is the largest railway and an important transport junction. It is not far from the Asov sea. It is the gates to the Caucasus. After building the Volga-Don shipping canal Rostov became the largest river and sea port. It is port of five seas. The activity of our company is not limited only by Rostov region.

In 2012 our company entered the international consulting service market. Taking into considerationthe whole volume of our activities, know-how, we came into conclusion to help our foreign clients.

Our Advantages

We work with nearby regions: Central Federal District, Volga Federal District, Kazakhstan, the North Caucasian Federal District,Abkhazia, the Ukraine. Thus the sphere of our activity covers almost the entire south and south-west Russia . Rostov is the center of the Southern Federal District, one of the largest territorial units in number and volume of economic transactions committed.

Rostov also called a port of the Seven Seas, Moscow - the most important transport hub in Russia. On the other benefits you can find by clicking on the link.