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Legal consult and legal representation

Contracts and transactions

We have a great experience in solving various legal issues. We provide analysis of the consistency conditions of the contract with Russian legislation. After reviewing the contract, our experts will give you a comprehensive answer about it strengths and weaknesses, and warn you of the possibility of controversial conflict. We provide services for the preparation and revision of treaties.

International and local dispute resolution

We provide all kinds of services in the sphere of legal representation. Whether it's the resolution of commercial disputes, debt recovery, intellectual property protection and customs disputes, we are able to offer expert legal advice on all these and many other issues. We provide a warranty for the resolution of certain issues.

International Tax Planning

Tax planning and tax optimization

Tasks of consulting tax planning and optimization projects are always decided considering the specifics of the client's business. A complex approach is a feature of this activity demanding a serious involvement in the client's activity. Highly qualified specialists (leading auditors and / or leading lawyers) are always attracted for realization of these projects.

One-shot consultations in the sphere of accounting and taxation and in related spheres of law

This form of consulting service is oriented to companies which do not require constant help of consultants. In the framework of this direction one-shot consultations are provided on an on-going basis.

Which result the Customer receives? Legal support in solution of complicated questions, tax optimization, a set of documents, reduction of risks of conflicts with the tax inspection and other state controlling bodies.

Other law and legal advisory.

We provide advice in many other areas of legal and commercial activities. Contact us and we will be glad to answer you.