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Market research.

Who should be interested in market research?

Before entering the foreign market the company's management must make a decision: whether it is worth to start this process? For person responsible for this decision, the main reference is called 'market research' At its core the market research is survey map that shows whether is road on the foreign market open, or it is closed. If the road is open, how it is tortuous.

What markets we investigate?

We specialize in research of the consumer and industrial markets. Research of the market of technical development (patents, licenses, know-how), and others is include in the scope of our competence. Indirectly, we touch the currency and the labor market.

What is our job?

We work hard to make you get the most timely, reliability and detailed information. With what tools we provide such hight quality information? Reliability. We give information authenticated by several independent sources, if it is provided through several informal channels (for example, plans to build a large processing enterprises, public investment in this or that sphere, the production cost of the goods are the same, plans monopolies to enlarge cost of manufactured goods and much more). As well as information obtained through official sources (Federal Tax Service, the administrative authorities, ministries, federal courts, and many others). We are drawing on our own experience, but we do not give outdated information from our past research. We know where to find information and how to present it. And each time we do it individually with each client.

At what questions we give an answer and what you get?

Depending on the scope of interest, whether the implementation of PET pellets or canned exports to the Russian Federation, the organization works for the extraction of minerals or the export of home appliances in the Russia, structure of the research will be different. But they always will have conclusion about the possibility of entering the market, the information on which we made such conclusion, and analysis of the provided information.

Why to contact us on this matter?

In our state there is PhD of economic and legal sciences. We maintain close contact with the managers of large retail chains, government workers. This allows us to obtain qualitative information from different sources, based on it to make a qualitative, in-depth analysis with reasonable conclusions. On the other benefits you can learn (by clicking on the link).

Learn about "Phased strategy of entering the Russian market" you can by clicking the link.