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Marketing research

Who should be interested in market research?

Once you have decided to entering the Russian market, you need to know who, how and at what price you are going to sell their product.

What kind of market research we are doing?

We realize both types of marketing research: consumer research and Business to business (B2B) research.

What is our job?

1) Analyze market trends, growth, market size, market share, market competition (eg SWOT analysis, B / C Analysis, channel mapping identities of key channels, drivers of customers loyalty and satisfaction, brand perception, satisfaction levels, current competitor-channel relationship analysis, etc.) 2) Determine market segment, market target, market forecast and market position; 3) Formulating market strategy, also investigating the possibility of partnership, collaboration (eg Profiling and SWOT analysis of potential partners, evaluating business partnership.) 4) Combine analysis information (eg Business description, Business process, Business strategy, Revenue model, Business expansion, Return of Investment, Financial analysis (Financial assumption, Cost / Benefit Analysis, Projected profit and Loss , Cashflow, etc.).

In addition, we conduct direct trial sales of the original product (field tests). This method allows us to determine the raging demand a high degree of accuracy. We get a trial consignment of goods and place them in places with a high concentration of customers. The service is provided on request.

What questions we give an answer, and what you get?

You will learn the important characteristics of consumers, demographic, economic, social, and behavioral. You know the opinion of consumers about the quality offered in the market for goods and services, we study the factors that influence the purchase of certain goods and services, or the rejection of their acquisition.

You will receive feedback on the state of customer satisfaction offers in different markets. Describes the seasonal cycle and the life cycle stage of the industry. Researches packaging issues and its individual elements. In Researches provides data polls. Include data on consumer attitudes to prices; measured the levels of "acceptable price".

Specific data on the effectiveness of various channels and ways to promote information about products and services in different markets and in accordance with them to plan an effective program of promotion.

Why to contact us on this matter?

We know details of regional market. Our staff has a PHD economic, legal sciences. We maintain close contact with the managers of large retail chains, government workers. This allows us to obtain qualitative information from different sources, based on it to make a qualitative, in-depth analysis with sound conclusions. On the other benefits you can learn (by clicking on the link).

Learn about "Phased strategy of entering the Russian market" you can by clicking the link.